We’re Sorry…

Graalians, we’re soo sorry that w’ve didn’t post anything for time. Because we’re so busy😦 I know and there’s no time to continue our GFX (if there is, only a little time). So don’t get mad at us. Untill then, visit our friends GFX sites😀


Oh La La…

Konichiwa Graalians :3 Thanks for the people who said “Happy Birthday” to me yesterday. I know, we didn’t quite post any bodies or heads for a long time, huh? So here they are :33 By the way, I’ve added new bodies in the “Bodies” section😀

 image Plus, don’t foget to visit Lucy’s great GFX blog!

imageMy cutie head, huh?

-Ayesha the happiest girl in the whole, wide world…

Jason, me and me!

Heyo:) sorry guys we were studying for our first term exam and finally it’s finished PHEW and anyways here are the heads;

Dear Jason made this head.



Yeah, MERRY CHRISTMAS to all of you dear fans😉 and finally got a uploaded head, gosh.



Heyyy guys:-) sorry if we didnt post anything for a long time! Be patient we are making new customs and in the mean while i wana show you this picture! Over there theres me ayesha and jason in style with no customs:-)



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