We’re Sorry…

Graalians, we’re soo sorry that w’ve didn’t post anything for time. Because we’re so busy 😦 I know and there’s no time to continue our GFX (if there is, only a little time). So don’t get mad at us. Untill then, visit our friends GFX sites 😀



Merry Xmas!

Hewo 😀 We want you to have a Merry Christmas! and dont worry, we’re still doing the gfx!

-All the Admins of This Site :3

Jason, me and me!

Heyo 🙂 sorry guys we were studying for our first term exam and finally it’s finished PHEW and anyways here are the heads;

Dear Jason made this head.



Yeah, MERRY CHRISTMAS to all of you dear fans 😉 and finally got a uploaded head, gosh.



Heyyy guys 🙂 sorry if we didnt post anything for a long time! Be patient we are making new customs and in the mean while i wana show you this picture! Over there theres me ayesha and jason in style with no customs 🙂


And here….

Hello guys and HAPPY HALOWEEN!!! I know you guys were excited. Anyways, here’s my customs;

-Ok, this head… Yup this head, this head OH LORD IM ALWAYS SAYING “THIS HEAD”. Ok this is head of someone in Pokemon, it’s that girl who helps out N. Yea, not similar because I made her more beautiful.<—Finally I said it!

-This one is…? I don’t know, maybe can be usefull for your costume ^_^

-This is very baddy girls body, for baddy girls.

-This one? Hmm… Someone working for Team Plasma, huh?

-Ok this one is simple, it’s HATSUNE MIKU?!? Maybe not quite. Guys, if you hate them all, damn you lot! Took ages to make them

-Ayesha, she has a Turtwig and she loves… PIKACHU!!! Oh lord forget Ash |:-<

Poll Time!

Hi dear Graalians!

Yes, thanks for visiting and following. While we’re doing more customs, I’ve decided to make a poll and post some fun stuff! Ok, in this poll I want you to choose your FAVOURITE ADMIN and we will see who you like the most :3

For example, I like Zinnia and I would vote 1 for her!



Hiya Graalians! Firstly, we are sooo sorry cause we have to go to school and we didn’t have any time to make new heads. And… We present you our HEADS!!! Ok, first one is mine (so horribl), the second head is Darwina’s and the beautiful third head is Ayesha’s. Oh how beautiful GFX artist is she. Hope you like them ;D



-Abby the bad GFX artist in the whole, wide world…


Hiya dear Graalains! Dawny and Ayesha are busy so today I’ll post stuff and today I’m going to post PAINTINGS and thanks for the people to send us paintings ^.^ And here’s the first one!;




This is by Anja, 13 yrs, Germany. Thanks Anja, we loved this but it’s a bit plain and there’s only texts but nevermind.



Untitled (2)



This one is by Doris, 14 yrs, Brazil. Wow it’s nice and Ayesha really loved it! Thanks Doris ^.^



Untitled (3)


This is by Japhes, 12 yrs, Vietnam. It’s really pikachu pikachu and Darwina likes it, and she laughed! Thanks again though.


Untitled (4)

This one is by Jessie, 14 yrs, Scotland but it was painted by her 8 yrs old sister, Joanna. It’s really nice for a 8 yrs old and thanks Joanna for painting and Jessie to send it to us!


And anyways thanks for the people who send us paintings again and you can choose the best one and write it on the comments and BYE!!! (plus vote Ayesha for MSW’13, she really freakin wants to win -_-)